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Chantola - Wrongside Business (Debut Album)

Tuesday 10/5/10 time 1:31 PM - Chantola


Its time to announce that I have been working on my first artist album for a while now. It is going to be released later this year. It contains 10 tracks. Keep checking out for some previews and track list in the near future.



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Work, Work, Work in the studio!

Thursday 9/9/10 time 2:31 PM - Chantola


Wanted to write something about whats happening at the moment. Im very busy working on my artist album but also doing some solo releases and remixes at the same time. I get more and more remix enquiries all the time. The end of the year will be massive with tons of new stuff. So stay tuned. Next solo release will be titled "ibiza Soul" and it will be out soon!

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Chantola - I Bring My Own Background Music Radio Show

Thursday 1/21/10 time 10:03 AM - Chantola


I have recently started my own radio show on Yesterday the episode 002 was aired. The feedback has been great. So far we have had guest mixes from local hero from finland, AKI A and the Hungarian wonder boys RIFFISH & JAXFEED.

Next episode will be aired 03.02.2010 and it will have a guest mix by notorious MR SAM himself. I will start planning my tune selection for the next show a bit earlier than the episode 002. I have realized that it takes some time and great effort to mix up a decent dj mix. Its not a 2 hour work, especially cos Im doing all the mixes live with CDJ's. Lets see when i upgrade myself to the digital age of djing =)

So looking forward to the next Show. Will be massive with MR SAM. Dont forget to tune in!


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Mr Sam - Opus Tertio (2xCD Compilation Album)

Monday 10/19/09 time 10:16 PM - Chantola

Mr Sam - Opus Tertio 2xCD mix compilation is out 26th october! The compilation includes 2 tracks by me, one collaborating with Arctic degrees And Janely and the other one under the spiritus & asper alter ego

Here is a trailer for the upcoming compilation. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

watch the trailer on youtube

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Teaming up with Janely in the studio

Tuesday 8/18/09 time 10:08 AM - Chantola

This week I had a nice studio sessions with Janely. Janely is a rising r'n'b/pop star in finnish music scene. We recorded some vocals and its going to be massive. I will provide you with more information as the production is finalized. so stay tuned. =)

chech out Janely's myspace


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